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Eins Technology Pte Ltd has developed an interactive software called ScreenByte. This proprietary new software has been creatively designed for any presentation, so you can use it as exhibitions, meetings, training sessions and conferences.

ScreenByte allows you to screen mirror and capture presentation contents straight to your smart device, lap top or tablet. User-friendly, requiring minimal settings, ScreenByte gives you the freedom to capture the information you need without disrupting the speaker.

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Digital Signage

Eins Technology Pte Ltd provides a full spectrum of Digital Signage Solutions to customers both locally and worldwide. With over a decade’s experience in the industry, we are committed to providing our customers with end-to-end solutions.

Our leading Digital Signage software, iTX-Cast complements your dream of Digital Signage Display system (DSDS) by providing you with real-time data, uniquely customisable to your needs.

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Eins Technology Pte Ltd is developing an easy-to-use smart watch specifically aimed at older adults. Every single feature of "EinsWatch" has been carefully designed to be simple to operate, so that our older customers will love this smart new gadget.

Eins Technology Pte Ltd has also collaborated with LiveWell Singapore Polytechnic on a project investigating the needs of our elderly population. Our highly-experienced team of researchers spent 4 months conducting thorough research and feasibility studies on 30 students and hundreds of older adults. Our aim was to find out about every aspect of our elderly care for them. For more information about LiveWell, please go to the following link.

EinsWatch - "Not a Bad Thing"

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Eins Technology Pte Ltd developed an interactive touchscreen system called iMed to cater for medical applications.

With information literally at your fingertips, you can download content/information to your smart devices, e-catalogue and on-line purchase. iMed templates are user-friendly and infinitely customisable to fit the specific needs of your medical service provider.

EinsHub - "Your Hub for Medical Needs"

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The EinsTech Group has recently ventured into property investment. Our property arm is called EinsProp