Einstech SmartWatch (EinsWatch)

In todayís modern society, smart devices and gadgets are frequently targeted at young people. These gadgets are fashioned to make our lifestyle cooler, smarter and trendier. But what about the needs of our older customers? Letís not forget about them.

Today, the over -60s is the fastest growing group in society. Every family has a responsibility to look after their older family members. Eins Technology Pte Ltd is playing its part too, by developing a smart watch for the elderly, "EinsWatch". Every single feature of "EinsWatch" has been designed to be simple to operate by older adults. Yet this powerful device packs a punch. EinsWatchís multiple features include a watch, phone, health monitoring device, location tracking system, emergency call aid and social media device.

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iMed is an interactive touch screen system used in Medical settings to display information to customers. We have designed iMed 's software templates to be 100% customisable to individual customer's requirements.

iMed contains features that will delight customers patronizing Medical service providers. It also acts as a complementary tool to the sales team especially at peak hours. A powerful feature of iMed is the audit trail it produces, enabling users to monitor the performance of its content. Using iMed, the management team can plan marketing initiatives based on underlying trend. iMed has also been designed to be accessed remotely and to connect to smart phones.

We have already successfully implemented iMed in a number of healthcare products department stores. In today's digital era, it helps Medical service providers to have a more efficient medium to promote their products and services.

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Medical Service Providers

Eins-Technology Pte Ltd provides healthcare products such as wheelchairs, patientís aides, hospital furniture and related health support supplies. EinsHub offers a large range of medical rehabilitation equipment for sale and to rent in Singapore.

EinsHub is committed to supplying innovative, high-quality and high-functionality healthcare devices at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service - it is the key to our company's global success.

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Our aim is to provide our clients with the right Solutions and equipment, allowing them to help each and every one of their patients. That is the heart of EinsHub's business philosophy.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us at: +65 6440 1811 or please come and visit us at our retail space: Coming soon

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