Eins Technology Pte Ltd is able to deliver complete solutions for any Digital Signage Display System (DSDS) projects; from acquisition to design, planning, to construction and maintenance. We are your one-stop Digital Public Display hub.

Do you also need space on-line? We are here for you too. Eins Technology Pte Ltd offers Online Content Management and Services including design, hosting and maintenance.

The Eins Technology Pte Ltd Solution gives you full control of your Display system - without even leaving your office.

You can customize, configure and schedule the materials you wish to be displayed remotely from the comfort of your own office chair. With just a click, you can expect your Public Displays to show your updated material in Real-Time.

At Eins Technology Pte Ltd, we aim to take care of the hard work, so that you have simple, easy and convenient solutions tailored to your requirements.


iTX-Cast is a Public Display Software that is drawn from over ten years experience in the field. Complimented by our Slot-in Modules, iTX-Cast has gained world-wide recognition over the years as one of the most complete products of its kind.

Do not just take our word for it. We are so confident you will love our product that we are offering you a free trial of iTX-Cast Software.

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Slot-In PC
XTX-1312 Series

Customized for Panasonic Professional Display series, the XTX-1312 Series are internal Slot-in Pc Modules that run on either Microsoft© Windows™ or Linux® operating systems that support fully-fledged applications.

Low in power consumption these Modules deliver seriously high performance. In fact these Full High Definition (Full HD 1080p) video playback capable machines are so Energy Efficient that no external power is required to power them up.

With the XTX-1312 Series Slot-PC inserted into your Panasonic Display, not only are you able to create and customize your display content, you are also able to control the Panasonic Display itself, from power to volume.

And in true Eins Technology style, you can perform all these functions remotely through the network from the comfort of your very own desk.

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Slot-In Media Player
MPL 3222

Customized for the Panasonic Professional Display series, the MPL 3222 is a 1-Slot high resolution Media Player capable of supporting Full High Definition (Full HD 1080p) media.

This lightweight Media Player is fast and easy-to-use; simply insert your storage device (SD-Card or USB drive) with the desired playback, into the Media Player and insert the Media Player into the expansion slot at the back of your Panasonic Display.

Turn the display on, and hey presto! You are ready to exhibit the display materials you prepared.

Schedule Manager, a complimentary application that allows you to customize your playlist; and Client Utility, software remote control functions, allow you to manage your Public Display System from your own desk.

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Flight Information Display System

Eins Technology Pte Ltd has multiple successful projects with Flight Information Display System at many international airports.

Flight information Display System incorporates iTX-Cast software to enable flight information to be updated instantly and in real-time.

With the control of a host station, display screens across the globe can be updated at the click of a button. Territory boundaries disappear with this innovative Flight Information Display System. Updating information has become seriously efficient.

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Eins Technology Pte Ltd provides Outdoor & Indoor LED Solutions around the globe, enabling our eye-catching LED display solutions to maximise the visibility of your brand. LED displays are the most suitable solution for corporate branding, retail applications, Digital Out-of-Home advertising and spectacular, custom-made applications - for indoor or outdoor installations.

Eins Technology Pte Ltd provides the turn-key solution for media; partnering with Panasonic to provide both Outdoor and Indoor LED display together with our digital signage software, namely iTX-Cast.

Outdoor LED displays are rugged, IP65 rated solutions that deliver high-resolution images with unequalled brightness and contrast levels. Available in various pixel pitches, they generate the perfect picture all the time, even in direct sunlight. Because they are exposed to the most severe weather conditions, it is vital that the image quality of outdoor LED installations stays consistent over time. We believe that IP rating is just one of the building blocks in determining whether a LED display is suitable for outdoor use or not. That is why we have developed our own test programme called "typhoon testing." In this test, we not only test the impact of water and dust (the basis for IP rating) but also take into account the impact of UV rays and the variations in temperatures and vibrations. The "Typhoon test" is your quality assurance for reliable outdoor LED technology.

Why Indoor!

  • High contrast Ratio
  • High Gray Level
  • 0.1 Increment adjust suit for various low light area
  • 0.2 Short distance viewing angle (for 5.9mm)
  • Highly suited to large night-time events

Why Outdoor!

  • High contrast Ratio
  • Front and Back IP65 Rating
  • High brightness
  • Operation environment -20C to +45C